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Simple, straightforward time tracking. See time right in the menu bar and control it with keyboard shortcuts. Powerful reporting and time editing capabilities. Export data to multiple formats. Tim puts you in full control of organizing your time without any extra unnecessary features.

Your data is fully secure, private and stays on your device. No accounts or internet connection required.

  • Create, track and edit tasks & time records. Organize tasks into groups or with tags.
  • Beautiful charts with a visual breakdown of hours, averages, & revenue.
  • Filter time by date ranges and/or tags.
  • Export to CSV, JSON, or iCal. Download all application data as a backup or to import on another device.
  • Automatic backups so you don't lose your data.
  • Archive data you want to keep but not see in your main workflow or menubar.
  • Idle detection with prompts to handle the time when you return.
  • Configurable time formatting, display, currency and sound preferences.
  • Fully native macOS UI with light & dark mode support and familiar UX.
  • Performance minded with a low memory footprint and respects battery life.
  • Integration with AppleScript, Shortcuts, Spotlight, deep links & x-callback-url enables building custom automations.

Get an accurate view of your work week - Great for consultants, developers, designers, lawyers, remote workers or anyone!

Requires macOS 11.0 or later.

What's New
Version 8.12.0
  • Tag editor improvements, including bulk untagging
  • More responsive stats view and ability to copy stats
  • Note history cycling improvements
  • Bug & performance fixes
Version historyVersion 8.11.0
  • Set lump sum or hourly rates
  • Auto sorting for tasks in the sidebar & multidirectional sorting
  • Cycle through record note history by pressing up arrow in the empty note field
Version 8.10.0
  • Task colors in menubar list
  • Context menu improvements
  • Readjust menu bar text legibility
  • Printing improvements
Version 8.9.1
  • Fix: Menu bar text legibility with multiple displays
  • Fix: List view items jumping on certain sorts
  • Show chart values when printing/pdf
  • Added import merge option to AppleScript/Shortcuts
Version 8.9.0
  • Toolbar start button now starts highlighted task
  • Expandable pie chart
  • Drag & drop importing
  • Printable charts
  • Added group titles to iCal exports
  • Bug fixes
Version 8.8.0
  • Added ability to view task metadata (ID, creation date, etc.)
  • Added ability to include notes in deeplinks
  • Improved encoding of CSVs for Excel
  • Improved rounding when using the decimal time format
  • Other minor bug fixes
Version 8.7.0
  • Spotlight integration
  • Record overlap warning
  • Right-click context menu on charts
  • More deep link actions
  • Fix for relative date range not updating
Version 8.6.0
  • New & improved date range picker
  • Improved toolbar accessibility
Version 8.5.0
  • Bulk record tagging
  • Fix main menu regression on macOS 11,12
Version 8.4.0
  • Added the ability to tag records
  • Stacked bar charts show each task time in popovers
  • Date range picker shows month names
Version 8.3.0
  • Fix launch at login for macOS 14 & removes background item requirement
  • Preference for default color of new tasks
  • Remember idle prompt choices
Version 8.2.0
  • Advanced tag filtering: include/exclude, match any/all/exact
  • Chart data now reflects filters
  • Preference to show group title in menubar
Version 8.1.0
  • Copy/paste records to other tasks and externally as CSV
  • Fix resume on return idle setting
Version 8.0.0
  • Select colors for tasks
  • Groups & overview now both show bar & pie charts
  • Move and drag records to another task
  • Idle time options allowing to stop at detection or inactive time
  • Duplicate title validation
Version 7.11.0
  • CSV Improvements: ISO dates. Summing now includes rate values & task names
  • Fix: Note prompt after idle prompt has correct idle time
  • Shortcuts: task lookup now returns nil instead of an error if not found
Version 7.10.0

Multi-select sidebar items to build dynamic views

Version 7.9.0
  • Add notes to tasks & groups
  • Import merging fixes
  • Fix list view rearranging when sorted by title
Version 7.8.0
  • Prompt for notes on timer start or stop.
  • Notes with urls become clickable links.
  • Fixes: export shortcut respects current selection. x-callback-url titles.
Version 7.7.0
  • Merge records
  • Export by tag
  • JSON & summed exports now respect date ranges
  • Added an icon to help indicate when a date filter is applied
  • Tag filtering now applies to record list view
  • Fixed list view columns not remembering width settings
Version 7.6.0
  • Multi-select sidebar items to perform mass actions
  • Tag color randomizer
  • AppleScript: get tasks by title, create tasks
  • Bug fixes: sidebar width remembered. Updating archived tasks keeps them archived
Version 7.5.0
  • Add tags to tasks and filter content by tag
  • Add rates to groups for sub-tasks to inherit
  • Improved report view UI
  • Task name is now shown in the idle prompt
  • AppleScript: added startTask by ID
Version 7.4.0
  • More menubar display settings enabling only showing icon
  • Improved time record editing: Calendar picker & easier time keyboard input
  • Create new groups while creating tasks
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Tim is available to try for free on the App Store with limited functionality and a Tim Pro in-app purchase upgrade. Tim Pro is also available for direct purchase and download via the buy button on this site.
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